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The Real Estate Deep Dive June 24th, 2022 – What is Really Going On with DFW Housing Market?

There is a lot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) about today's housing market. With recent interest rate changes and what is happening in the stock market coupled with talks of a recession and nation news articles about housing market slowdowns, many people are unsure what is going on in ...

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FREE Summer Home Buyer’s Guide is Ready! Download your FREE copy today!

FREE Summer Home Buyer's Guide is Ready! Download your FREE copy today or just check it out below!  Click on the box with the arrow (looks like this   )  to see it full size in a pop-out. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MQ1r5aNqf64xjfgQ9pZpho1tnm6H7Ujv/view?usp=sharing You don't have to enter any contact info or anything like that. Just ...

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Why Achieving the Dream of Homeownership Can Be More Difficult for Some Americans

Today we take time to honor and recognize the past and present experiences of Black Americans. When it comes to real estate specifically, equitable access to housing has come a long way, but the path to homeownership is still steeper for households of color. The Gap in Homeownership Rate in America It’s ...

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Quick Kitchen Makeovers

Kitchen renovations tend to be the biggest, most complicated home makeover projects, mainly because the kitchen is the most frequented and most multifunctional room in modern homes. But sometimes a kitchen makeover can be achieved with some simple cosmetic changes, rather than a complete redesign of the actual floor plan. Beyond ...

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The Real Estate Deep Dive – Inverted Yield Curve? What Does That Mean for Housing?

Sorry for not being able to post the Real Estate Deep Dives for a couple of weeks. I had to take some time to help relocate my Mom to DFW. We got her all settle into her new place so I am back. Please join me for today's Real Estate ...

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Is the Housing Market Correcting?

If you're following the news, all of the headlines about conditions in the current housing market may leave you with more questions than answers. Is the boom over? Is the market crashing or correcting? Here’s what you need to know. The housing market is moderating compared to the last two years, but what everyone needs ...

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